2018 Reel
Taxi is a animated short depicting the psychedelic aspects of a daily experience in New York City.  Recognition The Young Ones ADC Annual Award 2019 - Gold Award Winner Graphics New Talent Annual 2019 - Gold Award
The Nightmare
Recognition Jeffrey Metzner Motion Graphics Award Winner - 2017 Graphics New Talent Annual 2018 - Gold Award
Some GIFs and short animations.
Show promo motion graphics for Maniac.
Power of Music
Music makes the world a better place.
Good Time
Title sequence design for Good Time.
Letters to a Young Poem
Based on a quote from Letters to a Young Poem, I created the 3D animation depicting the beauty of life experiences.
837 Samsung Galaxy Note9
I had the honor to create the promo motion graphics for Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch event, After Unpacked, in the 837 Samsung venue.
Saving Grace in Uganda
Saving Grace in Uganda is a real life client that wish to have a new logo for the non-profit organization.
The intent was to do something we've been told NOT to do as a graphic designer, and my approach was to distort, overlap and rotate the type. Inspired by Ed Fella.
Crazy Sexy Cool
Photography book redesign.
A Vermont Tale
This is a book jacket design project for the novel "A Vermont Tale" by Mark Helprin.
Visual Diary
Visual Diary was assigned by Richard Wilde in Visual Literacy in my sophomore year. I use collages to create story-telling images for four weeks and the colors shows different emotions alongside the events.
SVA destination program
Printmaking workshop in Cuba, Havana in summer 2016.
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